Summary for 16 days.

18. března 2016 v 21:08 | Jan Purchart
Good evening.

I thought I'd do a summary for 16 days, the automated trading system trades. I started with a deposit of CZK 721, now account closed 2433 the amount of CZK 2 614 CZK open. It is the evaluation for 16 days over 300%. They are very nice results. With that, in the long term based on backtest with this setting drawdown of about 54%, which is quite a lot, but it works very well. If we set the AOS to drawdown of about 30% we can be expected appreciation of 200% in 16 days.

We'll see how the automated trading system to trade on, but yet does exactly what it should be doing. It is great.


Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.

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