Evaluation of 157% is this possible?

10. března 2016 v 23:33 | Jan Purchart
Have a nice evening my friends, after two positive days, today is the really big move on the EURUSD.

First, we EURUSD began to decline thanks to the report from the European Central Bank in 13.45, followed EURUSD started to soar to the heights :) thanks to another report, which was 14.30. The result is that our automated trading system now has an open position profit of about CZK 1,062, ie total assets are now 1,855 CZK. It is very nice when the deposit was March 2, 2016 a total of CZK 721.

That is the assessment of 157% :) Is that possible? Yes on the stock exchange it is possible today thanks to technology and information sharing, altogether very safe with little risk.

I think that today the position is closed or during the night, or morning, or not, and EURUSD will rise further.

Thus, to increase profit.


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