EURUSD still sell.

23. března 2016 v 21:25 | Jan Purchart
Good evening.
On the markets, yet there is nothing new, increasingly EUR USD decline in its third day, because our machine at the beginning of the decline EURUSD nicely entered the sell position, everyone can increase profit by about 400 points. Now we have had an open profit of 1.200 points, to 0.03 shekels open position it over CZK 800.

We continue a very nice result when 2.3 We put 721 CZK and we now have on account of about 3,300 CZK. That is the assessment of 457%. Very nice. What will be waiting tomorrow. Either there is a signal to buy and closed us a nice profit, then we will open the position to buy, will increase, we will automatically size the position is likely to 0.08 shekels, or more, depending on account size and there will be again a long-term trend to buy, or go for a while to buy, we debit low loss and re-boarded dloudobější further decline in EURUSD.

Nobody has a crystal ball, so let us be surprised what to expect in the coming days, but certainly automaton with the situation very well and profitably deal.


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