EURUSD grow by 820 points.

16. března 2016 v 21:35 | Jan Purchart
Good evening.
Finally, something began after two positive days, something happens. In essence, the whole market was waiting for a message to the American Federal Bank (FED) regarding raising interest rates at 19.00 and then another lady spoke Yellenová from the Fed in 19.30, it further strengthened the growth of EURUSD.

Our machine immediately signaled shortly after 19té hour and otevčel position to buy. It is now open gain of about 820 points, I am currently on the account where the position plus 0.03 shekel, as machine works automatically boosts the position according to the size of capital, and total open account balance is about CZK 1,900.

Now we only have to wait for when the market turns and climb profitably and enter the opposite position.


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